Thursday, June 16, 2011


There is a lady calling in today to have a look see at our section and how she's going to get our new Spa Pool into our back yard... with HER crane!

Totally cool.... she must love her job!    You just don't expect a lady to be operating a crane... is that sexist of me?  I hope not.  lol

What else?  The usual Thursday, taking Griffin to his Speld lesson out Pukekohe way... while he's there I might go have a walk around the streets of Pukekohe... it might involve detouring into some shops!  Ya know me....

ABOVE:  Our son and his partner Tess are moving permanently into the wop wops of Australia where Russell works in the mines... so I am not going over to visit them now until they have moved and are settled.  It means Sienna will be just that bit older and no doubt smiling and cooing... which will be lovely.  THAT is why I'm not going right now, in case anyone is wondering ...  I think I need to get a liking for ORANGE soil!  lol


DEBBIE: I don't know what sort of mine it is!  How bad is that?  lol

GARAGE DOOR:  last heard from them on May 23rd, when he said we would have our new door in 2 WEEKS. Just spoke to them over the phone... more likely to be another 3-4 weeks!  WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE?

FURNITURE FROM WHITIANGA:  they ain't answering their phone.  Expected that.  Shame they gave me their address.... might just VISIT THEM soon.  With a big stick.. to shove up their bums. (yeah I know that ain't nice, but come on, they have been dicking us around with this for weeks!)


The crane lady arrived, she does not drive the crane, she just organises the jobs.  Pfffft.  Anyway, it's going to cost double what I thought it would... how typical! 
They are coming on tuesday at 10am.. I have to let all affected neighbours know the road will be blocked for about half an hour, hope no one complains! (Yikes)

Stew had taken the latter part of today off work so he can mow the lawns before the expected rain this weekend (plus we ain't home this weekend).... we are going to a friend's 50th in Hamilton.  OOO neat... a night away from kids.  BLISS.
I have asked him to mow our neighbours lawn too as she is spending a lot of time up at the hospital with her Mum (Myra), on top of working full time... he doesn't mind.  Isn't he a love? 

MARK:  it's NO WHERE NEAR water... it's hours away from the sea in fact! 

End of Day:  we had nachos for dinner and Stew, Steve and I all agreed we felt ill afterwards!  Not cos it was awful, but because it was very rich in flavour and didn't sit well in the tummy.
Maybe next time we will halve our portions?
Off to bed... tired as.
nite nite.


  1. Anonymous8:38 AM

    How exciting!! Lady coming with her crane! yeah, that is unusual! But Good for HER!! Can't wait to see it! That soil looks like the Red Clay soil in North & South VERY HARD TO GET OUT OF YOUR CLOTHES!! What kind of mine is it? coal? ...debbie

  2. Hi from Tinky Winky. Please ask Stew not to buy you any more evil food - non compliance will result in being descended on my three raging teletubbies!!!!

  3. Anonymous11:00 AM

    Love WA beautiful place. Lived there for 2 yrs. Mainly ore mines up north mate. The area is vast travel wise but just beautiful.
    ps take your bugs repellant
    Mary H

  4. I can't wait to see the photos of the crane putting the spa pool in - co I know you will take heaps :-)

    This thing with the people in Whitianga has gone on long enough. Write and tell them you want the goods delivered in good condition to your house at their expense at a date & time convenient to you. If they do not do this then you will report the items to the Police as stolen - then do it.

  5. Penny, NZ1:27 PM

    I don't think its sexist to not expect it Chris, but it certainly is cool that we have at least one female crane operator around! Good on her!

    I was wondering about you visiting your son and then I checked out the price of tickets to Perth - very expensive! When you do go you want to go at the right time. Hope you get to go soon.

    The spa will be awesome. My cousin has one, and the rule there is anyone not in the pool is on bar duty for those in the pool. Sound like a new house rule for you?

    Have a great day! Penny

  6. I'd hate to see how much that's going to cost! (the crane)

    That looks pretty desolate where Russell is moving, is there a city nearby?

  7. O MY- you have too much on your plate to deal with too! I don't know about "modern-day life" - I can't keep up with it!

    I LOVED the idea of a lady crane-operator! I love heavy equipment and wanted to learn how to operate it when I was young . But back then it was not considered a "woman's career"? So naturally I would LOVE to see her install your spa! totally cool!

    That sure is some Orange soil! I love the picture! After they get settled you can catch up on information about living there??? Like can it grow a garden or will your grandbaby turn orange ???? LOL (sorry- picking on you again! ) I must try and remember my "manners"!
    : )

  8. If it's any consolation, it's called RED dirt! haha. If you tell me where he is I'll tell you what type of mine it is.

    I'd show up at that lots' house alright. I am thinking they have sold it and are putting you off... I'd almost put money on it, actually. :-( Sorry, on a lighter note, it will be great to see Sienna when she's at that beautiful age to interact with you, yes? cute as!

  9. Mowing lawns is good exercise, just think of the calories burnt if you had done them :-)

  10. Anonymous4:29 PM

    Kambalda, near Kalgoorlie W.A. Either a gold or nickel mine. I am passing through Kalgoorlie in November on the Indian Pacific train(Perth to Sydney, and meeting up with Froggy in Adelaide!) Yep, I would definitely pay those people a surprise visit with a very big stick! WOMBAT

  11. Leigh7:52 PM

    What is Pepsi updated about? Have seen it heaps but don't understand.

  12. Someone commented about Western Australia. I visited Bunbury in the early 80's. It didn't look like in the picture. But the picture looks like a place I'd like, as long as the sea is close.

    I certainly hope we will see pics of the crane!

  13. Good luck getting the spa installed. Hope you do get you stuff back from those people. Keeping fingers crossed that the garage door does get fixed. Keep well.

  14. i'd be curious to know how much they are gonna charge you way over there. I'm in the process of getting estimated for a pool and here in the states the pool alone is going to cost me about $20,000.

  15. ((hugs)) I get the avoiding people when fat thing. Though the stick? I think they need a walloping more than a bum- um... whatever.

  16. A crane well the photos will be next and thta will be well worht the watch.


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