Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I don't usually go to the Hospice Shop during the school holidays... but as Steve is here I can.

So... Hospice first thing.. then I want to do a couple of jobs at the mall...

Hopefully the kids will not trash me house while I'm out...

UNTIL I GET BACK....  a cute baby for you to drool!

ABOVE:  soft toys I bought at the Hospice Shop today... so cute!

I had a blast at the shop today... everyone was chatty and nice... we sure do get some interesting people come through the door! 
Totals titillation was two GIRLS... dressed like they were going to a strip joint... only they were not 'girls' at all... they were 'boys of the night'....   and I almost got punched by one of them!

...I was serving an asian guy who was wanting a warm jacket and he was complaining about being cold... I called him a 'pussy' and the two 'boys/girls' thought I was calling them pussy's!    Well did they get all stroppy!  Luckily they believed me when I said I was calling the asian dude a pussy for being cold!  lol  As I said... very interesting people here in South Auckland! 

AS the kids have been very good I'm taking them out for an ice cream now...

Well the kids got their ice cream... I was good and had none... I also bought some winter clothes for Brylee... and OMG!  She's getting da boobies!!!  MY God, my first grandchild and she's entering puberty... I feel VERY OLD all of a sudden!  *sob sob*....

End of Day: and Stew brought home chinese for dinner... I was not feeling like cooking... so yaaa all round.
Going to spend the evening quietly... might even finally get back into the sewing.
DIET: so so
nite nite


  1. Have a lovely day and don't spend to much money lol..... Sunny here today yay :-)

  2. Not as cute a baby as you have had at your house lately! LOL

  3. Hey there! Hope you have a great day! :)

  4. Ice cream sounds yummy right now!

  5. Anonymous3:11 PM

    Jez you're game, calling a complete male stranger a pussy! I would have just called him a chicken! Yeh, put some baby animal pictures up for a change! WOMBAT

  6. Sounds like you had an entertaining day, I do think that in a fight you would have out slapped the boy/girls though.

    Poor Brylee, I have the same thing with Siobhan - how the hell did that happen, she is waaaay too young for boobies (Ok she is 11 & I got them young & they are not small).

  7. Penny, NZ7:00 PM

    I have an 18 year old stepdaughter, and she just went off to university and not long after changed her relationship status on Facebook (to in a relationship). It gave me a wee fright, and I had to remind myself 1) I have no idea what her history is, just always assumed we would know what was happening in her life but she is old enough to have some privacy and 2) she is a really smart, sensible young woman who I think deserves our trust. Plus, she is really an adult, and I think she would be able to ask for advice / help if she needed to. Hard though!

  8. Our oldest grandson is having "Postivie Puberty" classes this year at school - he's 10!! LOL then he told me that "it" happens to kids as young as 10. Our babies are growing up!

  9. Young girls getting old before there time my friend her daughter period last year september SHE STILL has one year of primary school left!!!!!!

  10. Melissa is like that too.

    People would flip out here if you called them a pussy lol.


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