Thursday, April 07, 2011


Remember that small 'practise' Dresden Plate block I made the other day?  Well last night I finished sewing buttons on the centre ....

ABOVE:  progress.... and today I am going to buy a zip for the back of the cushion cover... YEP it's going to be a cushion.  AND I'm giving it to my Aunt Laura to take back to Canada.  Also I am giving her a bundle of my cards... so she can give them to her family and friends in Canada... a little bit of New Zealand!

Today I take Griffin to his Speld lesson... so I will have a good 'break' in the middle of the day to do nothing.  Yaaaa... just what I feel like right now.

When I get home I shall probably work on the cushion and hopefully finish it.


ABOVE:  look who came to visit while I was out this morning.  She's doing so very well too.. her next Ultrasound scan is on Monday, so we will know a bit more about how her hips are doing by then.  Fingers crossed they are doing well too.

It's a lovely day today... raining and windy... so nice and cool.  BLISS....!

Amanda has gone home again, taking our darling Emily with her... AND Steve.  They will be back on Monday.  Griffin took Steve leaving very badly.  He cried and wailed for about an hour.  It almost drove me nuts.  But he's over it now... I hope.   God help us when Steve finally leaves for his own place again!

I took about 215 photos of Emily while she was here today!  I shall TRY to cull them down and show you a few tomorrow.   Sorry if you are getting sick of seeing our wee Emily... I just can't help myself... she's so bloody adorable!

End of Day:  felt quite blah tonight.  Not sure why.  Maybe just tired.  Off to bed...
DIET: good.
nite nite


  1. Ohhhhhhhh I love the buttons that was a good idea of mine ?! (was it my idea or had you already thought of that?) I bet it was the latter.

  2. love it your a genius!

  3. that is so cute and very sweet of you! i love taking a piece of every place i visit home with me!

    i have to say, it's why i enjoy swimming on a mon/tue night, i can literally sit and do nothing! although i do use it as a good catchup with g/f's over east time!

  4. Bravo! Bravo! An excellent idea!

    That little cutie is so precious.

  5. I love the button idea - you are so clever.

    Emily looks so cute, I hope she has settled down a bit now with the brace.

  6. Love the buttons in the middle! Sweet baby sleeping, so cute!

  7. Penny, NZ6:43 PM

    I couldn't ever get sick of pictures of the beautiful Emily, Chris. Anyway it's your blog so you should post whatever you like!

  8. What a nifty block! I love the buttons!

  9. Best wishes on our her ultrasound and hips. She's a cutie!


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