Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Our wee granddaughter is doing so well... when she was here last night she was 'crabby' in the extreme... she was not a happy wee girl at all.  She had an injection in each thigh and had an ultrasound done too... so a very unsettling day  for her.

But she did settle after a feed.... and I decided to try her on her tummy for a while... as she is almost always on her bum.... due to the harness she's in to help her hips align properly....

ABOVE:  I do believe she was comfy on her tummy, she went to sleep.  I sat beside her all the time to make sure she didn't turn her head into the pillows....

ABOVE: Emily and Uncle Steve... so darn cute... the BABY..... not YOU Steve!  lol
OK. ... sometimes you are cute... SOMETIMES.

SPARKLINGMERLOT asked me for the pattern for my Dresden Plate quilt... so here's a link to a very good tutorial:  LINK....  it's up to you how you finish off your quilt... with block backgrounds, colours, sashings etc, this tutorial just shows you how to make the plates .... it's really good too.

Today:  off to find some good quality white fabric for my quilt....

Yes I found some ... really lovely pure white 100% cotton... and such good quality too!  It 'only' cost 3 times more than the fabric from Spotlight!  Yikes... that blew the budget.

Nevermind, I want this quilt to last forever... so I can pass it on to one of my Grandkids one day.  NO Amanda, not for you!

End of Day:  I spent most of today making 'blades' for my quilt!  Hours and hours just sewing teeny tiny little seams.  And tonight I'm pressing them out into the blade pointed shape.  When you have 540 of them buggers to make it does take time... but I'm happy to be doing it cos I can visualise the finished product... and it's going to be really lovely.
Lacy is here tonight on her way back up North after spending a few days in Tauranga.
DIET: yep... ok.
nite nite.


  1. Oh Chris, little Emily is just the cutest thing! So, so precious. I hope she doesn't have to wear that harness for too long. And Steve - you are cute, too! :o)



  2. awh such a smart gran you are giving that wee baby a rest. Poor little tot. Yeah both of em are cute!

  3. adorable... yes steve you are handsome too :) love the pillow nap :)

  4. Anonymous11:31 AM

    Emily is just darling. Poor little thing, good thing they don't remember things!! She did look peaceful on her tummy!!...debbie

  5. AHHHH MAN! No wonder I LOVE frogs! :)

    Uncle and neice - aren't they precious.

    HOpe you found your white fabric!:)

  6. i think her face is changing, she's so precious!

  7. Poor girl.. hope she is out of the harness soon!

  8. Poor little boo! My kids always slept better on their bellies too. I know they don't recommend it now though.

  9. Damn blast and frick! Im complaining to management! :D

  10. Anonymous8:21 PM

    She is the CUTEST!! I love the photo's, please keep them coming!!

  11. Thanks for the link, Chook. I'm planning on going to the Australian Quilting convention this weekend. Loved it last year. Just need to find my sewing machine and get cracking.

    Emily is beautiful. takes after Gran!

  12. I still remember my kids' screams of pain from their injections like it was yesterday.
    Oooh, Emily is sooo cute. Why are babies so cute?

  13. I VOTE AMANDA has no more treasures or PRECIOUS items to put her hand up for SHE HAS EMILY!!!! (whom is sooooooo darn cute it's unbelievable!)

  14. Poor little peanut! Glad to know she is making positive progress.

  15. I'd be grumpy if I had to have injections in my thighs too! She is sure cute!

  16. she is just TOO MUCH! i love babies (and not just makin' them!)

  17. She sure is cute. I hope every thing works our for her.


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