Monday, April 11, 2011


Yesterday I started on my Blue Quilt.
I cut out all the  blue blades.
I cut out the backing fabric (White) into 12 and a half inch squares X's 30!

Then I made one of the 'flowers' that go onto the 12 and a half inch blocks... and BUGGER, DAMN AND BLAST!  I had cut all the white fabric squares TOO SMALL!  I should NOT have presumed that size would be right.  Derrrr.


So this week I shall have to go and buy more white fabric... Luckily it's not expensive.

So until I get the white fabric I will just make the flowers! 

Today I'm expecting Amanda to bring Steve back from Hamilton... and of course wee Emily will come too... so it shall be a lovely day.


Thank you Leigh... I will try that.

ABOVE: this morning's progress, which actually took me from 8.30 am to 2 pm !  But they are looking great.

ABOVE:  'Somebody' decided to eat my favourite summer shoes...
Now... when Teddy's been naughty he runs outside as fast as he can.... Coco usually does nothing!

ABOVE:  I showed my shoe to Teddy... not a flinch... then I showed it to Coco... and she ran and hid in Steve's room!  When I got her out from under the bed she just sat there and looked all guilty!  Little bugger.  I must remember to put me shoes up in future!

Emily's hips are doing well.. she has another scan in 4 weeks time.  She also had her immunisations today... and did what all infants do and screamed.  Such is life.  Necessary evil.
Amanda and Co. are not here yet... expecting them for dinner...

End of Day:  Steve is home again... Amanda, Andrew and Emily visited all evening and have just gone home.  Amanda and Baby will be back on Thursday.
DIET: good
nite nite.


  1. Leigh8:13 AM

    heres a good tutorial for doing the centre circles so the edges are nice and smooth. You don't need the plastic circles, you can make you own out of thick cardboard. At a pinch you don't even need the starch, just iron well!

  2. That is amazingly intricate and beautiful, Chris. It is not a stretch to say that you have God-given talent. Not at all. You are blessed, friend. :)

  3. Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! I want it! Its gona be MINE MINE MINE MINE!
    Will text you to let you know how Emilys app's go today, and then text you when we are heading back up.

  4. Ooops!! Oh well, that just means you'll have to make another quilt with all of those 12 1/2" squares he he. Love your dresdens - it's gonna be a gawjus quilt!!!
    Joy :o)

  5. O I agree with everybody dear friend. You are so gifted and we are so lucky to be able to enjoy your work.

  6. Oh, I hate when that kind of stuff happens...and it happens to me all the time! But that blue Dresden Plate is beautiful! That quilt is going to rock!



  7. i feel fairly certain you'll find something for the 'too small white fabric squares' given your ingenuity!

    looks amazing, not sure where you get the patience! you creative types never cease to amaze me!

  8. Those blue dresdens look fantastic. The white fabric will come in handy for something else I'm sure.
    Coco-guilty as charged I would say. Just as well winter is approaching so the summer shoes won't be needed!

  9. Animals huh? Lol. I discovered today that one of our furr-babies (cats) has taken a likely for chocolate! I had a couple of bags of white chocolate melts stashed away in our spare room from Christmas time and I discovered the bags ripped apart today and white chocolate buttons lying all over the floor. Arrgh!!

  10. Those dogs are too cute -they are like little kids :-)

  11. love it, love it, love it !!

  12. Angus ate my fave pair of red summer shoes. Dogs!

    Love the dresden plate ... link to pattern, maybe?

  13. Coco had stopped biting and chewing hadn't she? sheesh more shopping for shoes, I bet the blue flowers look amazing and are you making a bedspread throw thingy? cause that will look superb!

  14. It's nice having a dog who politely reminds you to clean up after yourself!
    Our dawgs are the same, when we find an infraction on the rules, we call them both, the guilty one runs the other way!!

  15. Those blue flowers look wonderful! I can't wait to see the finished project. Glad to hear that Emily is doing well. However, Coco needs a real "talking too" doesn't she!

  16. I love the pattern. Glad to hear your survived the visit with your mom. Lots going on in your house these days.

  17. Dresdon Plates are one of my favorite patterns and yours are just beautiful.

  18. Rusty is always eating things. I get super excited when I come home to find everything still intact!


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