Wednesday, April 13, 2011


We had huge pork chops last night... they were so damn big I must show you:

ABOVE:  that was just ONE pork chop... there was hardly any room left on the plate for the veges!

 ABOVE:  Lacy last night... that is her 'signature' pose.. I'm sure she has her tongue hanging out in 90% of every photo I've seen of her lately!
She's weird.

ABOVE: Lacy and me... taken last night... it's the best one of about 40 I took!  It is SO HARD to get a decent photo when you are taking it yourself  !    Oh well... it's OK-ish I suppose.

So today I am off to Hospice again... don't know what Lacy is doing, all I know is she is heading back to her home up North sometime today.


Super hectic at the Hospice Shop today... I was alone on the counter 90% of the time, so busy as.  OMG did I get some bargins today!

ABOVE:  a watch that is perfect for Griffin ($6), and cute necklace for me and some seahorse earrings for Brylee.  The kids will be wrapt with them.
I also bought myself 5  tops (2 of which are from TS14+) for about $16 !!!  A...MAZING.

When I got home Lacy had already left... so back to just us till Thursday, when Amanda and Emily are due to arrive again for a couple of days. 

CHRISTY:  yes, Amanda does have two boys... but she can't bring them up here to visit us at the moment.  Will explain details on PEPSI soon.

End of Day: finally finished ironing all the quilt blades... made dinner... watched some TV... now time to hit the sack.
DIET: *sigh*
nite nite.


  1. I want that pork chop now! I'm so friggin' hungry.

  2. You are not meant to eat the whole chop yourself when they are that big!

  3. That's not a big chop! It's a small plate! I need a recipe for pork chops (hint hint)
    You and Lacy are a couple of cuties!

  4. Please tell me that you only had one pork chop each!!! Gawd that's half a piggy on there, Your hair colour looks nice in that photo Lacy's nice dark hair offset your blue eyes.

  5. I'm glad you got a picture of you with Lacy with her tongue in....that is a great picture.

  6. Love the pic of you and Lacy together...

  7. thats a HUGE chop but darn it looks delish!
    Typical pose of younger people...
    Cute pic of the two of you and I so agree its hard to get a decient shot when taking them yourself...
    hope you have an awesome day!!
    love n hugs!

  8. Did everybody have a "big appetite" to go along with that pork chop? : )

  9. WOW, you & Lacey look so much alike.

  10. Am a bit confused.... doesn't Amanda have son(s) as well? Or did I get that wrong? xx

  11. Hi Chris, Your new little granddaughter Emily is such a cutie, she seems to have a real personality already, When I see photos of her it makes me smile and takes my mind off my troubles. I feel so sorry for her having to be in the harness, poor little darling. The photo of you and Lacey is a nice one you look like you have lost some weight in the face and your hair looks beautiful.

    Just out of curiosty sake where you able to eat a pork chop of that size??????????????

    Thanks for the pepsi but it expired already.

  12. That's a big pork chop!! Cute pic of you and Lacey. Score and the stuff from the shop!

  13. I like the photo of you and Lacey.

  14. Great buys :O)
    Enjoying the photos of little Emily

  15. ... Hopefully I wasn't prying??? Sorry if I was.

  16. Penny, NZ9:48 PM

    Cool photo of you and Lacey - love your hair too. Hope you enjoyed the pork chop!

  17. Okay - just what do you feed your pigs down there to get such amazingly huge pork chops? Incredible!

    Glad to hear that the quilting is coming right along. Still anxious to see the finished project!

  18. Thats alot of pork! Enjoy all the visitors.


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