Sunday, March 20, 2011


Been looking forward to today all week... we are going back to spend the day at the Marine Reserve up north.... and this time we have all the 'stuff' we need!

Goggles/masks and flippers... we will be able to swim and see the fish easily with our new gear.

I'm going to pack a really good picnic lunch... cos we are bound to get HUNGRY swimming for hours eh?

Until we get back and I can update... here's a few photos from last night's Party:

ABOVE:  Stew went as a farmer...

ABOVE:  the Birthday Girl sitting on her brother's knee, her Mum to the right and her Grandmother to the left....

ABOVE:  two of the guests....  Fairy Godmother and French Gendarme...

ABOVE: Birthday Girl's Hubby... Friar Tuck...

ABOVE:  more guests....

ABOVE:  where the party was...upstairs in Vulcan Lane, Auckland city...

ABOVE:  cutting her cake... which was a mega rich chocolate .... took some home with us!  

ONWARD... the beach awaits!

It's 5.30pm and we just got home from the beach.   To say we had a fantastic day would be an understatement!  I swam so much I am now completely KNACKERED!  I can hardly keep my eyes open...

Stew is cleaning all the swimming gear, Steve is putting all the uneaten food away and I am in charge of getting all the washing done.  At least we can share all the jobs out....  *yawn*... I have never looked forward to bed more!

I took very few photos today...well hell... I was in the water 90% of the time!  We are all prunes

P.S.:  I went to the party as a 'Fashion Photographer' so I could take photos for J.

End of Day:  an awesome day! 
DIET:  great!
nite nite.


  1. Stu looks great and all of you had so much fun! That chocolate cake looks so yummy!

  2. The party looked great cool Flappers!!!! (is that the right word!) CAKE divine lucky!!! Have fun frolicking with the fishes!!

  3. Anonymous11:51 AM

    Have an awesome day at the beach :D

  4. Love the Grandma's face haha

    What did you go as?

  5. How neat! Everybody looked like they were having fun. Of course My favorite would be your sweet Stew and then Friar Tuck!
    BUT - what about YOU!

  6. Wow, what awesome pictures! I LOVE costume parties but everyone around here is so darn serious. There is one I have in mind but can't get anyone do have the party. It's a thrift store one where you find the most interesting outfits and make it kinda over the top too. Like the worst outfits you can find. Tee hee... Would be so fun.

  7. love the pics..Stew looked awesome.

    Glad you had a wonderful day x

  8. Think of all the pp's you earnt for exercise !!!!

  9. Loved all the pictures. I love parties like that!

  10. Woohooo Go the stud in the boots!! He should go to work like that some time. Yee haaa Stew!!

    Looks like a great night.. I wish more people would do fancy dress... love it... mind you I'd have to be Mama Cass???? haha
    Take care of you Chris. Swimming sounds great and good for you. Go girl.

  11. Nice costumes! Now you know why I love Halloween so much.


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