Friday, March 11, 2011


I'm off to work at the Hospice this morning... looking forward to it too.

AND my cold is almost gone.... feeling so much better.... Steve's ears are getting better too.  Yaaa all round.

Spent hours last night looking for an idea for my lovely blue fabrics... I want to make US a new quilt, but just can't make up my mind on a pattern.   *sigh*

While browsing the net I came across another cute idea too:

ABOVE: just how cute are they?  I can't remember where I found them, whose blog or website... but they are really darling and I am going to try making some soon.  OK... found where I got them from:  Fiona's blog/webpage.

I also found a new blog to follow, it's a quilting one so look away if you ain't into quilting!      She makes lots of quilts and donates them to charities .... I have got lots of ideas from her blog!

That's all from me for now... catch ya later...

JAXX:  ha ha!  Those things are whatever you want them to be!  Wear as a necklace, sew onto a bag, frame them and hang on a wall, xmas decoration, etc.

Back from Hospice.. it was a busy morning!  I managed to find a couple of little things to buy... not worth showing here though. 
Lots of 'gossip' going around at our hospice... two of our volunteers were fired for stealing items from the shop!  Everyone is buzzing about it.  AND a policeman came in today with a French Tourist who was robbed of everything he owned... and was looking for some cheap clothes and bedding.  My boss gave him everything he needed and would NOT let him pay for it which I though was just lovely.    He was hitchhiking and got picked up by two girls... when they let him out of their car they raced off with his belongings!  How awful and mean can ya get?

End of Day:  I'm in shock.  ANOTHER major earthquake in our world.. this time in Japan, which was followed by a massive Tsunami... been watching it unfold on TV... it's scary.


  1. Ok call me thick but what the he'll are these things and what are they used for?

  2. Oh ok thought they were huge like a frypan size obviously not if you can wear them around your neck.... hmmmmmmm not really me lol

  3. Ooh Chris ... one of those has my name on it!!!! Think I'd better get on over to Fiona's blog and check it out lol.
    Joy :o)

  4. Neat idea, but not quite my style for wearing. ;)

    You're spot on Chris! That is Keanu Reeves on my blog post. The movie clip was from "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure" way back in 1989.

    If you haven't seen the movie, it's kind of fun and the kids might enjoy it. A little history lesson involved too.

  5. Wow, it was the best & worst of people at the Hospice today wasn't it :-).

  6. O I have one of those too.I found it at a thrift shop. This one is a broach and it has yo-yos on it also. The back looks like a little wooden spoon and glued on is the pin that you use to attach it to anything.Of course the yo-yos are something I just love for some reason and then it has all kind of buttons and I love buttons. I was wearing it on my winter jacket-but I might transfer it over to my purse. I agree there are lots of things you could use it for and also putting things that you love on it would make it special to you.

    I am so glad that you and your "baby" are both getting better. I HATE being sick!

  7. Now funnily enough I like the top one of those little things they are neat.

  8. I didn't hear about the earthquake. Going to check it out now.
    Nice thinamajigs.

  9. Takes all kinds, how lovely of the shop to help the poor fellow out. I was stunned to see the Tsunami in motion. How horrible! Keep well and have a good weekend.


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