Thursday, February 10, 2011


WARNING:  too much info!

Yes, I had sore feet yesterday...but there was something worse than that sore!

Me butt.  Seriously.   I must have eaten something that didn't agree with me cos I was on the freakin loo a dozen times yesterday!  It was not nice... and me butt got SO SORE!

I'm hoping it's now gone through and today is better!

Griffin does not have his speld lesson for now as his teacher is getting ready to sell her home.... so she is too busy. 
So it's just a normal Thursday here.  I am possibly going into town to check out a shop that sells funky fashion jewellery.
One of the ladies who came to Stew's 50th Birthday party had on an awesome necklace and she just told me where she got it... so I want to check the shop out.

Obviously I won't be buying anything this week.... *sigh*
... but maybe I can take some photos!

Change of Plan.... I decided to wait until Stew can come with me over to Ponsonby .... he might be tempted to get me a little something!
Who Knows?

So instead of shopping, I'm down in the garage doing a bit of this an that... re-arranging a few things.  Can't help myself.

The 'issue' down in the nether regions has settled down thank goodness!  

A conversation between Griffin and Stew last night:

Griffin: "Dad do you know how it feels that you are so excited about tomorrow that you can't get to sleep?"

Dad: " Yes, so what is so exciting about tomorrow that you can't get to sleep?"

Griffin: "Cos Mrs Delany is such a nice teacher!"

I was so touched I had to let his teacher know, so I sent her an email and told her about the conversation.  She just emailed me back and said that had made her day!  Awwwwww.

I am going to Weight Watcher's tonight.  I WILL have a gain.  I own it.  And will try harder.

It has been a quiet afternoon... with me dreading tonight... but... I am due to hit the scales in about 45 minutes, wish me luck... I hope it's not too big a gain....

End of Day:  no one wished me luck!  Pffffft.
Going... you can wait until tomorrow now to hear my result.  *sniff*
DIET: ???
nite nite


  1. i cannot imagine how many times i'd have to go to the loo for my butt to get SORE!

    ouch :(

  2. Ooooh, so sorry you've had a little problem there. Hope you're better now. And I hope you have good luck at the shop finding just the right jewelry! That can go a long way to making you feel better, eh?



  3. I was in a lovely craft shop yesterday and looking at all the beautiful glass hearts and glass beads they were pretty and made me think of you funnily enough! Sorry to hear about your Butt.

  4. Sorry to hear it!
    Get well soon!

  5. Anonymous8:25 AM

    Sorry about your sore bottom...eeek. Not a good thing! Hope your all better today!! ...debbie

  6. Anonymous8:39 AM

    TIP:Use the alovera tissues instead of toilet paper when you have a sore butt!!

  7. Hi Chris, I thought you would enjoy knowing that a good friend of mine is having her 4th bubba this June, so I am passing on a couple of pairs of those booties you sent over for me to her.

    It's good to know that these lovely things can be passed on from family to family, doncha think? xxx

  8. I hope the weigh in went better than you thought it would and that your backside is better.

  9. i'm hearing you Chris, oh yeah, i spent mon/tue in the same way!!! gone now thank god!

    hope you get something pretty!!!

  10. Get well soon and good luck with the weigh in.

  11. What wonderful news that Griffin likes his teacher! That is one of the BEST things that can help a student and all it takes is a bad teacher to ruin them forever! Yea for great teachers!

  12. Anonymous5:13 PM

    You never know, you might have a loss after all the pooing! WOMBAT




    Michelle x

  14. dang it - come on, update it tonight so i can see!!!

  15. Hope the damage wasn't too bad Chris...

  16. Oh....


  17. I stayed awake so I could see your latest news.

    Sleep well and hope you have a better day tomorrow.


  18. Maybe Stew accidentally put his sandpaper in the bathroom and your toilet paper in his woodshop.....??

  19. Hope your tummy issues have settled down. Good luck with the weigh in. Keeping fingers crossed.


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