Saturday, February 05, 2011


Our treadmill died a good 8 months ago.
We didn't want to spend lots of money getting it fixed... I thought about getting a new one.

ANYWAY... Our friendly Elite Fitness guy (Adrian) said why not bring it in for an assessment, to see how much it would cost to have it fixed?

So we took it in about 3 weeks ago ...   and waited......... and waited...... and got several phone calls from the warehouse asking what was it doing 'wrong' so they could 'assess' it.

We got a phone call yesterday... they had up and fixed the bloody thing without asking us first if we actually wanted it fixed.  REMEMBER we had sent it away for an ASSESSMENT.... we wanted to weigh up whether it was worth paying good money to have it fixed, or to just buy a newer model (which I was wanting to do).     Stew, being such a NICE MAN, up and paid the $250+ for the repair.... but I was MAD.

So... I rang Adrian at our local Elite Store and told him how I was feeling.  AND I said "If the treadmill goes and dies again within a few months I was considering the money we paid for the repair as a DEPOSIT on a new one!"

Now Adrian knows us quite well (we have been in his store heaps in the past 2 years and bought lots)... and he said "I understand, and yes, the $250+ you just spent will be the deposit on a new Treadmill if required"..... LOL.... such a nice man.

I'm not nice.  I simply  TOLD him how it was gunna be.  He's clever is Adrian.... he knows when he's met a woman who knows what she wants.

But ... I do wonder if he will quake in his sneakers when he sees me again?????  I chuckle just thinking about it...  lol

TODAY:  ahhhh... it's saturday.  Stew is home, so are the kids.  Crap weather.  Might just veg out in front of the TV... or do some sewing.  Or shop. 
We will see!

'SHOP' wins. We are going out to do the grocery shopping, and check out a shop that sells rather nice cheeses near Stew's work.  It's called Nosh... and as it's near Onehunga I might just get Stew to divert to there too... there's a rather nice fabric shop in Onehunga!  lol

 ABOVE:  First stop.. NOSH... where we got to taste many of their cheeses, and ice cream, bread and oils... in fact the kids ate so much we really didn't need to feed them lunch!   We bought a selection of their 'TO DIE FOR' sausages... and after trying quite a few of the cheeses we settled on an aged cheese that has lots of taste.  Yum yum.

ABOVE: then we stopped in at the fabric shop in Onehunga... where I got this really cute Fat Quarter to make another giraffe wall hanging with... and a really cute button which will look good on a bag.

After that we went to Sylvia Park for lunch... then came home.  I couldn't face grocery shopping after all that food tasting and lunch!  It can wait until tomorrow.

Grrrrr.....80% finished the Baby Bag for Emily and I have no eyelets, no thingee's for the straps and no cord.  I will have to go out tomorrow and get them... WHAT A SHAME.... I need to go shopping again! lol
It is stinking hot here again today, you can't even move without breaking out in a sweat...diabolical.

End Of Day:  lovely evening watching a movie on the telly.... fans on full blast to keep cool.... dinner was really lovely.
DIET: not bad.
nite nite.


  1. Anonymous7:37 AM

    I am going for the "shop" option if I can get my A into G and have a shower and get moving!! Feels like I haven't been to the shops for AGES....

    Good for you with the treadmill... sometimes I wish I had the balls to step up and say something like that but I always chicken out or "just leave it" and nothing happens...One woman I know is like you ALL the time and you should see the stuff she gets! Freebies and "replacements" and all sorts... I guess saying something does pay off.

    Anyway - this isn't getting ready for the day so I will catch ya.

    Kate (kittie444)

  2. Anonymous8:57 AM

    I wonder if leagally you would of had to pay for it...perhaps that's what they do, their little scam sorta - when people bring stuff in for assessment, they go ahead and fix it...then when it breaks again - they get to sell a new one! Bah Humbug to that man!! ...debbie

  3. You are a tough cookie Chris, I love it!

  4. i would have bbeen mad too... good for you for tellinghim how it will be :)

  5. Ohhhhhhhh cheeses yum that would be my downfall, we have HIGH HUMIDITY and at 9am it felt like 26 degrees and inside a sauna!! I had my window open all night NOT a hit of a breeze nada!!!!

  6. Oh, you crack me up!!! I am exactly the same way... When we applied for our current mortage 4 years ago, I told the bank "and you can forget the $600 application fee, my husband and I have at least 10 accounts between us with your bank!" ... so they did. $600 saved, just cos I asked.

  7. Anonymous3:54 PM

    Oooh Patchwork Passion? Is it good? Is that a class you're looking at??? (yes, I am nosey - I work for Private Investigators so its in my nature..)

    We didn't get to Sylvia Park - in fact I am thinking of having a nana nap!! Made it as far as Pak n Save to do groceries (which are STILL sitting in the kitchen ready to put away).... can't be bothered... maybe its the weather?

    Catch ya.

    Kate (again...)

  8. What the what? $23 on cheese? Hope it was nice!


  9. There is nothing better than going to a store where you can get some free nibbles! That fabric is lovely.

  10. I'm glad it worked for you, but I hate it when that happens. Once I took the car to have something fix and the guy asked me if wanted the air filter replace too. I was going to tell him I can that myself (for $10 instead of $30), but he was called away. When I came back later to pick up the car, I discovered they replaced the filter and charged me for it even though I didn't agree to have it replaced. I was nice too and just paid them.


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