Wednesday, January 05, 2011


I've been reading some blogs lately where the writer lists all the positive (and negative) things that happened for them in 2010.

So I thought I would do the same.

NO ONE DIED (in my immediate circle).

I think that about sums it up for me.

In fact, I didn't really enjoy 2010 much at all.
Lots of up's and down's.

I'm hoping 2011 is much better.
I would like to get off the anti-depressants.  They are for depression AND the hot flushes.   I'm not kidding myself about that.

I have been depressed. (probably still am) 
I would like to think I can rise above all the things that really get me down.

TODAY:  *sigh* more of the same.  Housework. Sewing.  Kids.   bla bla bla.


ABOVE:  been adding border to 2nd Heart Quilt... needed more of the stripe fabric so we went out and got some.

Obviously I woke up on the 'wrong' side this morning... I was feeling really sad for one of my kids.
But I'm kinda over it now... and moving on!

***PEPSI UPDATED*** cos I needed to rant

End of Day:  I've just finished sewing new large metal hooks on Brylee's curtains... by took 6 freakin hours!  My right thumb is throbbing from sewing through thick curtain fabric for so long, and me butt is stuck to the chair... NOT kidding! lol
nite nite


  1. dont knock "no one died"... its a biggun :)

    happy new year!

  2. Anonymous7:29 AM

    I'm sorry that 2010 wasn't the best for you. I think we all go through diccicult times. Some worse than others. I hope you'll phase out of your hot flashes soon. I've never had them, but my sister does, and she says they are the pitts!! Wishing you a better '11...debbie

  3. Funny I just listed the positives and negatives too. Only seems natural to make a clean start at the beginning of a new year. Life can be stressful and most certainly get you down, but with a positive attitude you can accomplish almost anything. I hope things settle down and you're feeling better soon. Take care. You can do it!

  4. I made mine the Thankful for and the I wish I could!! everyone views life differently that's what makes us unique and interesting, what others perceive as dull and inane some find fascinating and riveting! ITS WHO we are. I have just bought allt he school stationary (50% off savings normally $78 cost me $40 I was thrilled) so that's a good start to the day.

  5. Oh Chris, I'm so sorry but your one sentence sum-up of 2010 made me laugh! I know it's not funny, but you just have a way of making things funny! I am sorry that 2010 wasn't the best of years for you...I really hope that 2011 will be much, much better! :o)



  6. Raising a glass to you, Chris, hoping that 2011 is better in all the ways you want it to be.

  7. Happy New Year Chris! I hope your 2011 is happy, healthy and full of good things.

    I haven't made a list on my blog, but I think you've inspired me. :)

  8. i hope 2011 brings you all the joy and happiness you deserve Chris! I believe you can rise above all that brings you down and I am going to be here reading and watching you do it!

  9. I would like to think I can rise above all the things that really get me down

    Chris, honey don't forget that sometimes it is our chemical makeup that causes problems. The funny thing about mine is that no one believed I was depressed-not my doctor, not my counselor -not me and certainly not anybody else. Seems that we women have a wonderful feature of bluffing our way through. It was not until the fibromyalgia came out and the medicine also treats pain and depression did it show up . With the medicine for pain - I stopped crying and for the first time in my life I was able to talk to someone without crying.

    I agree with you about "nobody died" I remember one time wondering if I could ever make it through a year without someone dieing. It was horrible and I do not handle death very well. I have always said that people Ought to get together just to celebrate none of your family has died and enjoy each other without a funeral to spoil the fun.

    I think I am "right there with you-walking that tight-rope "bordering between negatives and positives! I do believe that when it looks so glum that is time to count your blessings and think of all these things that if they were to be taken away -it would be so bad-so we can remember to enjoy them now, because in truth - things really do change -whether we want them to or not -It is just life.

    I know one of your top blessings would be your beloved Stew. What a treasure to have a good husband who not only provides for you& your family-but one who truly loves you and his life with you.

    Another one of your blessings I see is your Pure sweet talents. You are so gifted -but if you were to have a stroke (I bet we all know someone who has) and have that taken away from you -that would be so painful.

    So, I am sending you a HAPPY NEW YEAR & hoping this will be your best one yet and I know that just sharing experiences with you certainly makes my New Year so much more special! :)

  10. I am grateful every day that no one died.
    Every day!

  11. Yes, no-one died is a pretty good thing. Making all your lovely bags & quilts & cards has got to be a positive too :0)

    Hope 2011 brings you much happiness...... xoxo

  12. The quilt is beautiful Chris! Of Course!

    I am hoping 2011 will be a great year for you and yours!

    Now... to go read Pepsi...

  13. Hi Chris

    The heart quilt is just beautiful, you are so very talented :O)

    Michelle x

  14. Anonymous6:40 PM

    I want in on Pepsi!!! Yep, a nosey tart...

    Kate (

  15. I understand your thoughts regarding anti-depressants - I want off mine too! After all I was diagnosed with PND when my daughter was born and she's nearly 2 1/2 now!

    I'm focussing on positive thoughts in 2011 and I truly believe our year can be what we make of it. Focus on it being a positive year with lots of goals achieved and i'm sure it will happen.

  16. I don't think anyone like 2010. 2011 should be much better!
    I took antidepressants for a while. I think you can get off them, from reading your blog. Just stay active, nothings worse for me than hanging around by myself, digging my pit.
    HAPPY 2010 to You!

  17. Everyone has those days . . . at least your quilt is looking wonderful. I love the little hearts around the border. Nice touch!

  18. I've learnt that tomorrow is always better. The next time you feel low about something, go focus your mind on something else. Have a list of stuff you could obsess over. I used to repeat tongue twisters in my head when I felt a terrible wave of hopelessness overcome me.

  19. I hate days like that when I feel all depressed and grouchy :( Hopefully it won't last long.

  20. Anonymous3:51 PM

    how cum i cant get into pepsi i blocked or sumfn?


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