Thursday, January 13, 2011


NO!  NOT ME, the necklace I bought yesterday to match those earrings!    It took quite a while to find just the right necklace too.

Today:  well can't wait until tonight... going to Weight Watcher's AGAIN... scared to death what the scales are gunna say...  probably "Get the hell off you fat tart!"

But I have to go.   I gained 8 kilos last year, add to that the ** number I gained in the previous 3 years and it ain't pretty.    I don't have any excuse either.  My health is tip top again, as long as you don't count the excess weight and total lack of fitness.  *grrrr*

So, as of today I am back into 'dieting' full time.  No more ice cream for this chick.

I'm going to spend a good deal of time today working out a fitness routine so I can start it tomorrow.  We have weights, a cross trainer, exercise bike, swiss ball and steps, so we do have all I need right here at home.

ABOVE:  is all this stuff, which is only a fraction of the WW stuff I have, redundant now?  Suppose I will find out.  AND what about my WW food scales?  My WW Calculator?  WW Pedometer? 

ABOVE:  I am having nightmares about his lip!  It was looking dreadful last night, I think because of the length of time he was in the pool yesterday.  So I'm keeping him out of the pool until it is a lot better.  He's not happy about that, but the last thing I want is for him to get an infection.

Thank God for this blog!   Our cross trainer has gone on the blink and I used the blog to go back and find when we bought it... and yaaaa!  It's still under warranty.  So we have to hire a trailer and get it back to the shop so they can fix it for free.   If we get them to come out to fix it we have to pay $70 an hour, plus labour!!!  Fuck that.  (ooo bad word, bad word).... but it just suits the occasion!  lol

Right:  the cross trainer is now back where we bought it... waiting to be repaired. 
AND yes, I do think maybe I should wear the earrings on their own too... much as I like the necklace... maybe it's too much together?

So, I've been, I've stood on the scales....I've got all the new books etc... and I'm good to go!
My meeting is in Manurewa, Thursday night at 7pm from now on. 

I liked the way it's set up now, we are not left twiddling our thumbs looking at a white concrete block wall (which is what it was like 2 years ago there), and the ladies seemed really nice.   LOTS of new members tonight.. wonder how many of them will still be going in 3 months, 6 months??? 

I will not give up again, I will be there until I am happy with my weight again.... and if that means I don't get to the WW's "Goal Weight" ever again, I'm happy with that.   I just want to feel 'normal' AGAIN. 

I don't want to cry walking past 'normal' clothes shops AGAIN... even though I am again... and I want to be fit again... god I miss being fit so much.

Rambling now... must stop and have dinner...

End of Day:  and we have had a nice evening.... and some lovely 'news' sorta... will tell you about it tomorrow.  nite nite.


  1. it's very pretty (and so are you!)

  2. Very pretty indeed although I think the earrings takes away the effect of the necklace - my opinion.

    I'm off to WW tonight aswell so tomorrow we can cry together - Good luck Chris, I'll be cheering for you.

  3. Good luck with the weigh in :) Really keen to hear what you think of the new program, sounds good....

  4. Pretty necklace .... and you look gawjus too ;o)!!!
    Let me know what you think of the new WW program. I've been thinking of hauling my lardy butt off to WW again but to be honest I'm so embarrassed by how much I've put back on, that's why I haven't done it!!
    I know, I should just go!!!
    Joy :o)

  5. yeah good for you Chris for rejoining ww. yep all of that stuff is now redundant. I am still getting my head around the pro points. HAve fun

  6. Very pretty and the necklace is nice as well.

    Happy New Year mate sorry have been in la la land hope to get back to blogging soon

  7. Those earings also go with the necklace you have on in your picture on the side of your page.

  8. Good luck with Weight Watchers, I joined online a week ago, finally convinced myself I can't do it by myself.

  9. Chris

    Good luck with WW - the new programme is great ! Teddy and Coco photos please !

  10. Poor Griffin....the lip really looks like it hurts.
    Good luck with the WW. I think you are smart to go back to what has worked for you before.

  11. Poor Griffin and that lip of his, he looks miserable....poor kid.

    LOVE the necklace (and earrings), it shows off your eye's as well.

    Thank heavens for the cross trainer still being under warranty eh?

  12. very pretty! and the necklace too.

    oooh i have this feeling in the pit of my stomach as if i were starting WW again! LOL

    I just can't face another diet, ever... (i say that now!) but i can face exercise, that's the easy bit for me!

    the lip is looking bad - but very much because of the water!!!

  13. love the necklace! You look lovely btw, I think dark hair suits you.

    Poor G, have you tried dapping salted water on too it?

    Good on you Hon, 2011 will be your year!!

  14. Hi Chris, Yes, all your old WW stuff is redundant, finished, out of here. I was so narky about that.

    Good luck tonight.

    Griffin did a good job on his lip, poor boy, you are right, be careful of infection.


  15. Good for you chris you can do the bling !!!

  16. Anonymous4:09 PM

    His lip looks SO sore!! Poor bugger...

    BUT - on a positive note - when I look at the photo I lose my appetite!!

    Kate (

  17. Good luck with WW - I'm dying to know how the new points all work.

    About the trainer - if it is anything like our big one, the handles come off and then can fit in the back of a vehicle like yours with the seats down. Did you try that?

  18. Oh and about the earrings etc... I agree with a comment above that the necklace detracts from the earrings. I think with jewellery like that you either wear the earrings or necklace and not both together... just my opinion :)

  19. Very pretty indeed, and I like your wavey hair too!

    How did WW go? I was thankful to find out I have an extra week before my next weigh in with my doc. I thought it was tomorrow, and I was starting to sweat. Now I've got a whole extra week to worry about it! Ha! A lot of good that will do me.

    I hope Griffin's lip is starting to feel better. Good idea to keep him out of the pool, but I'm sure he won't agree.

  20. Pretty jewelry! I've debated on going back just to get the new info. Eh maybe later. Will have to catch up to find out what happened to his lip!

  21. In my opinion I like the earrings AND the necklace. Don't subscribe to the less is more thing myself!

    Poor Griffin! Ouch!

  22. very pretty necklace, indeed i like it, Griffins lip looks frightful like a horror movie. hope it heals soon.

  23. Well done going back to the meeting. You will do it and I totally agree with what you said about not worrying about the WW goal weight - it is the weight that makes you happy and healthy that counts.

  24. good for u taking that stepp kiddo

  25. Just weigh what God wants you to weigh. Quit worrying about it!

  26. love the batnic (dont think i spelled it right) loving the pool hate for griffin that his lip is preventing playing in it...YOU are beautiful the jelwery is pretty ... just saying... had something else in my head but had to blow my nose and it flew right out with the snot apparenly...
    LOVE YA! hugs!

  27. I'm happy to hear your meeting went well. Just concentrate on being healthy and you will get to where you want to be. Good luck can't wait to hear what WW has to offer.

  28. Wonderful that you have gone back to ww! I'm going to give myself one more week to do it on my own and then make a decision about ww. How do you like the new program?

    Love the necklace and earrings!


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