Saturday, January 01, 2011


Sitting in our lounge last night at midnight we could hear all the firework explosions and see some of it too... and we are a good 25 minutes drive from where they were!

I could kick myself as Stew had suggested we go into town to watch, but I thought it would just be like last year... ho hum.... but obviously I was WRONG!  Drat.  Will have to wait until next New Years Eve now.  pffffff.

ANYWAY.... it's a lovely day, a new year... and I am going to start (and carry on) on a new foot.... weight wise.   I will re-join Weightwatchers when the local meeting starts up again (next week) as I simply cannot do it on my own.  I need the structure, the support, the accountability... so ... I will go, I will grit my teeth ... and listen to it all over again...and pull my fat finger out and do it all again.  

I have to.... or I will,  before I know it have regained every single kilo I lost!


ABOVE:  Griffin got out his beanbag.... and decided Coco would look good in it!  Well... she does!  She is such a cute wee dog.  I don't think she thought much of being stranded in a beanbag though!  lol  

Doing bugger all today... just doing odd jobs around the house.. Stew is bathing the dogs as I 'speak'... better go and help with the dry down ...

ABOVE:  Well.. the New Year Fairy didn't make our Teddy any prettier!  But he's a love anyway.

ABOVE:  my god!  Try combing out this little shit.. Coco had to be wrapped up and held down so I could deal with her knots.. luckily she didn't have many at all.  *sigh*  She fights like a banshee!

Lunchtime here... off to find something 'carb-less and healthy'....

*burp*... lunch was scrambled eggs with bacon, red onion, tomatoe and cheese.  I'm full!  Hopefully that will suffice for the day... as I had 'lunch' at 3.30pm!  lol
Been too busy before that to eat... I'm trying to sort out my fabrics... I have so many little scraps of fabric they are doing my head in, so I've sent his nibs down to the supermarket to buy me lots of sealable plastic bags to put me bits in! 

End of day:  and it's been a nice, productive day.  AND I was 'good' and only ate what I should.  Onward to a better year.... and a few dress sizes down!  nite nite.


  1. Hugs Chris ;)

    I know it's hard taking that first step, but once it's done, you won't look back.. we won't let you LOL hehehehehe


  2. Anonymous9:13 AM

    HAPPY NEW YEAR NEW ZEALAND!! AND to you and your family!! Hope you have a wonderful 2011!!...debbie

  3. Happy New Year to you.

  4. Happy New Year chris and yes you can do it , we can do it,pitty you cant sew on the treadmill :). Have a great new years day at least we have a nice breeze today.

  5. Happy new YEar!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. This is going to be your year Chris!!

  7. Happy new year and kudos on your resolve.

  8. Happy New Year!
    Coco is so adorable ....even though she's trapped in the bean bag, it looks like she is loving the attention!

  9. Anonymous12:24 PM

    Hey, good on you for taking firststep. I think youll be surprised the program has been completley turned around and is completley different from old point system. So it will be all new learnign cure with propoints. Oh and its 10x better than the old program just bit hard at first tog et use to new propoints and been asked to eat more protein and fruit been 0 points.

  10. Anonymous1:48 PM

    Happy New Year Chris! From what I have heard the new program is very different and should make it easier to stick to so good luck hun!

  11. Happy New Year to you and your family. We still seven hours away to 2011 over here.

  12. I'm joining you Chris. I started again at the start of December, but fizzled out after 1 week! Tried to weigh in yesterday, but it's a holiday for us fatties apparently! I'll be back in the fold again on Friday (along with all my folds!!).

  13. Hapy New Year Chris. We are still waiting here in Utah. It is three hours away. Funny huh!!! You have already had your new year and we are still waiting. Good blessings this year.

  14. Happy New Year!
    You Rock!
    And what a cute little puppy!

  15. Happy New Year, Chris! What a sweetie that Cocoa is! Great pictures.

    Good for you to get back into the "healthy" life! I'll be cheering you on, girl!!

    My best wishes for much success in this great new year!

  16. Happy, happy New Year, Chris! :)

  17. Happy New Year Chris. I sewed rabbit pouches thru' the new year. This year I will exercise more and lose some weight too.

  18. Good on ya Chris...once you get your head around the new ww program I think you will enjoy it..
    Happy New Year to you and yours.

  19. Good luck with the weight, and congrats for taking the first step! me too - I've managed to put on about 5 kgs over December - the same 5kgs it took me a whole year to take off! Why does it go on so fast? Oh well, back on to it from now on.

  20. Is sounds like you are starting off the new year right. I'm with you Chris, I'm going to start getting my weight under control again too.

  21. Happy New Year Chris - hope it's a great year for you and your family!

    When WW launched it's ProPoints program I was the biggest critic thinking "here we go again, more changes" but it is the BEST thing i've ever seen! I love the program and have lost 9.9kgs since rejoining. You'll love it too.


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