Sunday, January 16, 2011


This having your hubby home for weeks is weird... I keep forgetting what day it is!

There is NO ROUTINE.. we sleep in, we eat at odd hours, the kids stay up till 11pm some nights....

So, it is sunday... we have NO plans for the day at all.
Maybe we will take the kids to the beach.. we have hardly been there at all this summer.

One thing is for sure, I will post a photo or two today, I can't believe there were no photos yesterday... my post looked NAKED!  lol (edit:  NO ONE is naked... you all have grubby minds!  My blog post yesterday had no photos, so to me it looked NAKED,  DOH!)


 ABOVE:  in readiness for going to Matarangi, we have been conditioning the dogs to sleep and stay in a pen.  They are doing really well too... they go in there all on their own during the day now for a sleep or drink .... and don't seem to mind it at all.  This is great cos I am not going to let them run all over the place at Anne and Johns. 

 ABOVE:  wee Coco this morning, she follows us around in the morning until she gets her 'treat'.... I give the dogs a wee piece of cheese or luncheon most mornings as a treat.   She's still waiting! (Froggy:  they get a  miniscule piece of cheese, so I'm not too worried)

ABOVE:  'The Lip'.... it's looking much better this morning, and he's not quite so grumpy either, which is excellent, cos when that boy is grumpy EVERYONE knows about it.

I have put all my Weight Watcher paraphernalia into a large briefcase... I like to keep everything together.... but when I go out I only need my calculator, tracker book and Pro Points book... so I found the perfect wee carrier for them!

ABOVE:  I was given this super cute wee thing from a girl in Australia ... we were in a swap group together... and now it's going to be used to hold my 'day to day' WW stuff.  I love it.. it's got LIGHTHOUSES.... !  *smiles*    I love anything nautical.

 ABOVE:  Teddy... hoping for a tummy scratch.

ABOVE:  trying to look as cute as his sister.. almost worked Ted!

We went to the beach this afternoon... it was GLORIOUS!  The kids swam then we all walked the length of Orewa beach... it was a good walk!  The water was WARM!  

End of Day:  it's been a really lovely day... I got a bit sunburnt today at the beach.  It was the first time (!) I'd been out in the sun for any length of time this summer!  NOT normal for me. 
Diet:  totally on track, no slipping!
nite nite.


  1. Anonymous7:51 AM

    Nope, it's really Saturday!! :0) lol...debbie

  2. Anonymous9:44 AM

    You know, if you read that really fast while talking on the phone, it reads you are putting naked pictures up....

    Have a good day!!

    Kate (

  3. Naked posts! I might be blushing.

  4. Greetings from LI! Catching up on my blog reading; you have been busy, as always ;) Hope you are enjoying your time away. So funny to think it is summer there...we had a snow day here this past week; over a foot of snow. Also, thinking of you as I am back at WW - again - and have lost 8 lbs. so far. Onward indeed!

  5. Cool that you jut whip together a carrier.....
    incredibile talent.
    Who's naked - wha- what?
    i always miss the naked parts. Dang!

  6. Hon, you don't have to post this if you don't want to, but just check with your vet about the cheese. I hear it's actually very bad for them. Please check it out?

    I do love your WW carry bag. That fabric is divine!

    And I hope that was you on the cycle? Lol! Keep up the positive thinking and remember, this is all for you! xxx

  7. Sunday gee my days are blurring together too glad to see that lip is on the mend. albeit slowly.

  8. Thanks Chris for the photos of darling Teddy and Coco - very very cute.When I see your darling little bundles of fluff or mine I can't help thinking about those wee doggies in the Queensland Floods that lost their lives Good. luck with WW.


  9. You should try Arkles Bay beach next time your up. It's stunning!

    I was just wondering much did all the new WW books ect cost you?

  10. It certainly is heart-warming to hear that you are getting great news! Yea! What a treat to get to "vacation at the beach!"

    I might just be "pea green with envy"! lol - Don't forget your camera! We want to see Paradise tooo!

    Love your pretty tote with the marine design! I love lighthouses too! :)

    Gosh - your little one has surely suffered with it -you are right - it looks terrible. I wonder if chap-stick would help it by keeping it soft ?

    Your "furbabies" are SO sweet!I need to give mine baths, but I keep losing track to time.

  11. I so hope the weather is good for you at Matarangi because the water there has been just gorgeous. Take your boobie board too! I hope you all have an wonderful time at my favourite place :)

  12. I don't think cheese is bad for the vet feeds it to our dogs when they're getting their shots...

  13. Love the pics of the little ones! They are adorable!

    I'm not up on my geography, so I don't exactly know where you are, but I'm so envious of you to be at the beach! I hope you enjoy every second of it! Please take lots of pics!


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