Friday, January 07, 2011


14 Years ago Stew and I went and spent 3 weeks with my brother Vern in Singapore.  We also took day trips to other places, one being Batam Island, one of the thousand or so islands forming Indonesia.  I bought a couple of batik panels there.... and ever since then I have been meaning to quilt them.

Last night I pulled out the one I started quilting 2.3 years ago:

ABOVE:   I finished quilting it last night... now all I have to do is put some binding on and some way to hang it and it will be done.

I had not intended to keep this one... but now it's done I don't think I can part with it.   It's a keepsake from our trip to Singapore, where I spent the last significant time with my brother before his death.  He never came home from Indonesia alive.  He was killed in a tragic accident there.

I've been thinking of him a lot over the holidays, I think Christmas makes us think of our lost family members more than any other time.   I have lost both my brothers and my Dad.... all in tragic accidents. 


Today:   well we are expecting Chris D, Steve, Mike and Joyce from Palmerston North to arrive around dinnertime.... and Lacy from Kerikeri sometime too. 

So, that being said... we better go buy some groceries!  EEEEE gads we have bugger all food in the house....



OMG just got home from grocery shopping... the heat it unbearable out there!  I am wilting.  And now we have to put all the food away.  *sigh*

The house is now full.... Palmerston North fulla's arrived, Lacy arrived, still waiting for Amanda and Andrew.

 ABOVE:  Chris D's 3 month old puppy Harley is adorable.... Teddy thinks he is ikkkky, Coco loves him... and Harley?  Well all he wants to do is hump Coco 24/7!   He has hardly stopped since he got here!

ABOVE:  opening presents.  The boys got their quilts and loved them.  No photo of Mike's girlfriend Joyce, she was too fast for me.  Little tart.  lol

End of Day:  total madness here as you can imagine.  Same expected tomorrow!   Off now to enjoy our visitors.  nite nite.


  1. Have an awesome party tomorrow and have a great weekend with your family and friends :-)

  2. Anonymous8:16 AM

    The Batik is very pretty. My mom has a lovely one of a bird in her living room that I've always liked. Am so sorry to learn that both your brothers and your dad died in accidents. That is truly sad...Hope Stew has a great birthday!...debbie

  3. Sunshine here so hope you get lovely weather tomorrow. Love your pillow cases and the batik is yours ... never give it away.

    Happy Birthday to Steve. Sorry I'm so slack about sending birthday cards. I think I spend too much time reading Blogs. *silly laughs*

  4. I hope you have a chance to put your feet up sometime today and just have a few moments of calm before THE CROWDS arrive!!! because of course drinking yakking card playing it ALL TAKES its toll

  5. You can't get rid of it - it is just stunning! Did you like Indonesia? I absoutely love the culture and am fascinated that you got there from Singapore. Very cool xox

  6. That is a beautiful memory and you should definitely keep it.
    Happy birthday to Stew. Have fun.

  7. happy b'day to Stew and I hope the party is a huge success!!! family, friends, food and drink - i don't think you can go wrong! x

    i was shocked to read that you lost both brothers and your dad to accidents - i'm truly sorry for your loss. xxx

  8. Im at work melting lol very humid today
    love the batik
    dont overdo it chris and enjoy tommorrow
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY for tommorrow STEW !!!

  9. That's very pretty! I agree, too many memories to get rid of it!

    I'm looking forward to some sunshine, it's been foggy here all week. Damn depressing.

  10. Marlene6:21 PM

    What a beautiful memory.Looks gorgeous.There is no doubt that you should keep it.
    Happy Birthday to Stew. Have a great party.

  11. Is that Joyce the netball player NO WONDER they won SHE'S fast alright!!!!! to beat your snappy camera... ENJOY yourselves.

  12. Anonymous10:39 PM

    OMG - those quilts! Boys are so lucky - am SOOOO JEALOUS...

    Have a great party and a happy time.

    Kate (

  13. Wow, your sons are really cute! If I give my son anything with hearts, he'll run away screaming. You know I live just a ferry ride away from Batam and I've never been? It's also where many men keep their mistresses!!! So if one day (touch wood) me hubs says he has to go to Batam, I'm gonna say over your dead body!

  14. I lost a brother to murder about 20 years ago. Sorry about your loss.

    I like the top picture. Doubt my wife would let me hang it up in the house!

  15. What a wonderful houseful you have! Chris, you are Wonder Woman - I just don't know how you keep up with everything! You amaze me!


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