Tuesday, February 09, 2010


So... today is the Big Meeting up at the school to discuss Griffin's programme for this year. Stew is coming with me... I hope like hell it goes well. We have spent a long time and a lot of money to get this far.

Progress on the Ducks... they all have a smile! BUT no eyeballs yet... I don't feel like they 'come alive' until they get eyeballs! ha ha ha!

ABOVE: I might make me a lightbox, but the window will do for now!

ABOVE: Last night's sunset... we get some really amazing pink sky's up here!
ONWARD.... the day awaits...
- The meeting went really well, the Educational Psychologist outlined Griffins strengths and weaknesses, everyone had their input, everyone made suggestions for 'WHERE TO FROM HERE' and Stew and I are feeling guardedly optimistic that things will improve for Griffin from here on.
- SPELD help is on hold as they all felt that there is going to be far too much going on for now and it will be too much to add that into the mix. AWESOME, they better be right!
- My main microwave died this morning.. I am planing a grand funeral this afternoon, all welcome. I loved that microwave. Now I have to make do with the little one that is so much slower, and smaller. *sigh*
- I'm off to buy a square fruit 'bowl'..... to put in the microwave 'space'... which will not be filled with a new microwave for now as I simply don't have the money!
- The kids school stationery was $198 ... and the school fees are $360. And let's not forget the PE uniforms... they are going to cost around $200 too. *sigh*... it's never ending.
Off to spend what little money I have left!.....
It took me two hours and much walking around to find a suitable recepticle to be our new fruit 'bowl'... I'll show it tomorrow. I've been sewing this afternoon, and making a bacon and egg pie for dinner. It's friggin hot this afternoon too... so I'm drained. Being FAT is the pitts in this heat.
And being FAT is my own fault. *SIGH*. I am starting to think about WLS... anyone got a spare $15,000? (lap-band)
End of Day.. the pie was huge so I invited my Aunt and Uncle for dinner. .... my Uncles LOVES pie!... a pleasant evening, a few wines, a few Torara Cafe's ... a bit tiddly now ! But happy. Off to shag the man now. TMI? Tough titties. nite nite! lol


  1. Seriously cute ducks. You have more creative talent in your little finger than I have in my whole body......and it's not a small body! ;-)

  2. Those duckies are the cutest, the sunset TRULY amazing what beautiful colour! Hope the meeting goes well.

  3. Good luck with the meeting :-)

  4. Cute ducks. I can't wait to see how they turn out.

    I know what you mean about a lightbox too. I keep saying that I'll build myself one, but then I always just use the window. Hey, it works!

    Your ring is beautiful by the way!

  5. $200 for PE uniforms...what the hell do yall play down there??? You sure must look good while you play. Gone are the days of shorts and t-shirts I suppose.
    Moose's red spot on her neck is Excema that she keeps scratching.
    It is almost healed now and you can't see it. We put a Rx steroid oil on when it gets bad and keep her "greased" up to keep her skin from drying out - hard to do in the winter with the heat on and all the moisture sucked out of the air, glad winter is almost over.
    Cute ducks..bummer about the microwave, we sure are dependent on them. Good news about Griffin's school meeting..hope they keep up their end.

  6. Want to send my sincere condolences on the microwave. May you rest in peace good friend.

    How many projects do you have going at once? I can't even seem to finish my afhgan that I started two years ago. I needs some of your umpphhhff..xoxo

  7. Good that your are getting things going for Griffin. Those school fees are frightfully expensive. Show us some pics of those PE uniforms.

  8. O'm liking your duckies!!!

    Glad the meeting went well with Griffin. Just keep on the to make sure they don't drop the ball. Tedious, but necessary.

  9. Your duckies are just getting cuter with every step you take. Isn't it fun to watch something like that "come to life right in front of you"!

    Sorry that you are as HOT as I am cold! LOL

    Sorry about your microwave - that stinks!
    How truly lovely that sky is! That is neat that you took the time to notice. So many of us do not take the time to appreciate gifts like that! You are a "smart cookie"!

  10. Wow, that expensive? Mine was covered my private health insurance so I only paid for the hospital excess and a portion of the doctor visits. But let me tell you, it sure is the way to go!

  11. gosh I can't believe the cost of the PE uniforms and stationary either.

    I've just spend $92 on stationary for Evianah but that included a USB drive, and full mathematical set with compass, protractor and all the other bits and bobs as well as a new calculator. Thankfully her PE uniform is only $29.95 for her shorts, and $35 for her t-shirt in her house colour and with the school monogram on it.

    My biggest fee is her term fee which is $1600 as she goes to a private school as a day student so I am coughing up just over $6,000 a year. (ouch)

  12. LOL ... you're the only person I "know" who would have 2 microwaves, and would have to find something to replace one as soon as it dies!

    Yum @ pie - I remember seeing a picture of your bacon and egg pie ages ago and still dream about it ... lol

    Yep, being fat in this heat sucks - what a shame we can't seem to remember that when we open our mouths and shovel food in!

  13. Anonymous2:15 AM

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  14. Its good to hear that things are working out for Griffin. Back to school time is always so expensive. Sorry to hear about the microwave, it served you well. The ducks are beyond cute. The sunset is devine. Sounds like you have a fine day after all.

  15. those ducks look great..

    whats a lightbox?

  16. Anonymous9:39 AM

    Hi Chris, I have a lapband and my private health covered most of the cost, the out of pocket stuff I got released from my superannuation as its considered life saving surgery. If you dont have super, I think as Stew's wife you can access his for such. Might be worth looking into. We have to in Aust apply to a govt board called apra to get the funds released, it took a week from application to funds in my account. I have never regretted my band at all, it has saved my life....Most surgeons will hold information session on them etc.


  17. you better shag your man...with that kind of a ring!!!! is that your wedding band? let's see a proper pix. i LOVE jewelry! robin

  18. I love the Ducks! So cute...you do the most amazing work! God, I wish I had your talent!


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