Thursday, October 01, 2009


Sandra arrived in REAL STYLE last night! See:
She has a friend who travels the length of the North Island 3 times a week... so she just jumped on his truck yesterday and cadged a ride! It was VERY EASY to see them coming up the road! LOL

It looks like a great way to travel for free if ya ask me.

Today: I will probably take Sandra to the mall... have lunch out and about... and I MUST do some shopping!

YES I MUST! It's Brylee's 9th Birthday tomorrow and I haven't done any shopping for it yet! YIKES....


OK.. this is how it will work:

I am going to add one thing to the giveaway every day until the 10th of October, that is the 3rd Year Anniversary of me becoming a BLOGGER. You can enter on each and every day if you wish, that way you will end up with *10* chances to win everything!

If you 'advertise' my GIVEAWAY on your blog.. that will get you another entry... you will need to let me know if you do this... but you only need to do that once OK?

If you are not a 'Follower' and become one, that will get you ANOTHER chance to win! But again, you will need to let me know in a comment that you have become a follower!

I will draw the winner (only one!) on the 12th of October, that gives everyone on the other side of the world time to enter!

DAY ONE: this cute New Zealand carry bag :

PHEW! That took some time to set up! and NO .. I did not make that bag.

ONWARD with the day....

So far we have been out and about to the mall, had lunch, kids played with big balls (more on that tomorrow).... and now we are just killing time till Sandra catches a train to where she wants to go tonight.... and hopefully she will not get lost and we will find her at the train station again.....later on tonight.

End of day: I'm tired! Having a visitor all day... is tiring! I have had to talk... all day! LOL... and to think I was grizzling about being lonely! It's lovely having Sandra here though... and she's going to be here for a few more days yet! All good. nite nite.


  1. Will there be A QUILT amongst the PRIZE ?lol

  2. Hey Chris! Have a great day. Take lots of pictures :)

  3. Woo Hoo i just followed your blog! im getting all excited about this

  4. happy birthday for tomorrow B. Yours is the day after mine!

  5. Good morning when we going shopping lol
    your weather here is crap lol
    So what you having for breaky eh I'm watching lol

  6. Anonymous9:31 AM

    Hey Chris a big Happy Birthday for Miss Brylee for tomorrow from me.
    I am living in Chch now long story maybe one day soon I;ll do a blog update and fill in the gaps. Still try and check your blog but computer time has been an issue until this week so am up again now

    love ya Felicity

  7. Happy Birthday to Brylee!!!

    Count me in, and I will give you a shout out on my blog on tomorrows post!

  8. I hope you all have a great time at Brylee's Birthday tomorrow. What did you end up getting her?

    Yea, a fun giveaway! I'm entering and also posting on my blog about it.

    I've been following you for a while now too, so does that count? ;)

  9. I just followed your blog AND I post about it!

  10. Morning Chris!

    Have to love a giveaway. I love your idea :)

  11. Count me in for your fabulous giveaway please.

  12. WOW! Your very own personal WW leader. That could be scary!

    Love the NZ bag.

    Have a great day, chook. And what DID you have for breakfast :)

  13. So happy birthday for Brylee tomorrow - big 9! Don't they grow up fast!

    Um, I'd love to enter your competition. I am also a follower (have been for a while now).

    When I update my blog I will also ad a link to your giveaway...

    Enjoy your few days with Sandra. That girl sure knows how to make an entrance!


  14. Hi All, please tell brylee happy 9th birthday for 2morrow.

    Lots of love Aunty K.

    Daughter #3

  15. since I was the first commenter I might as well be the last WILL there be any DIET COKE in the prize haha

  16. Woo hoo ... I'm now following you too Chris. Would add the link to my blog - but hardly anyone reads it :(

  17. You know I am a follower...Have fun with your giveway, and I will check it out each day. The bag is so cute! I will blog about it today.


  18. Wishing Ms Brylee a very Happy Birthday. Have fun running around shopping and visiting with your guest.

  19. Happy anniversary Chris!

  20. Wow what a way to travel :)

  21. Anonymous5:43 PM

    What a cool giveaway idea. I scrolled back to take a look. Amazing bag!


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