Sunday, October 18, 2009


When I started Patchwork Class this year I had no idea I would end up loving sewing so much!

Not only have I made quilts, but wallhangings and bags too!
Sure I had sewn before.. but this is so much fun! The stitches and materials I am using are making it so .....creative, and that is what I'm loving so much!

There is a downside though... and it is a BIG one.....MY ARSE! It's getting bigger. I spend so much time SITTING ON IT....sewing. *sigh*.
I need to work out a programme whereby I sew for say an hour, then do some form of exercise for 15-20 minutes .... to break up the amount of time spent sitting on me touche'. It will be hard to implement I am sure... but something has to give, before me knicker seams do! ha ha ha!

Today I want to finish Bag #3 and think about the next one... as I loved this bag so much I will probably do it again in similar materials. Or whatever I have in me stash! I must not buy anymore!!!

Family time today? I feel the need to do something fun with Stew and the Kids.... not just shopping/lunch.... so I must get my thinking cap on.....

ABOVE: there ya have it... virtually finished, needs some hand sewing done and of course the button and button hole on the flappy thing. I need to find the PERFECT BUTTON tomorrow.

Stew's idea was to attatch the single strap to the inside of the bag and not 'mess up' the outside look! He was right about that. Clever bugger. BEFORE anyone asks, this bag is for my Mum for Christmas OK!

We haven't done much today.. went out and bought vege plants for the garden, a few bits and bobs from Bunnings... came home and had lunch then .... a bit of sewing and housework.

BLONDIE: stand in line girl!
ABOVE: Bag No # 2 now has the cutest strap on it... cos 'someone' said it needed one! Pffffft. Now 'someone' has to wait till their birthday to get it. ha ha ha.
End of Day: and it's gone really well... got heaps done... wrapt about that. I love being productive. nite nite.
edit: RENEE: not a problem. ANON: a bag takes a couple of days to make.


  1. Well, if you were living in Welly you might want to play board games today... I think we had summer in September! I love the bag... it's gorgeous and the colours are really pretty, not YOU colours but I'm sure it'll make a neat present. Intriqued about Stew's handle idea???? Can't wait to see it.

  2. Sewing is certainly addictive. But think of all the money you've saved by making things for other people. The cost of the fabric for gifts doesn't count!

    Hope you're having a lovely family day.

  3. I sit all day at work...I try to get up and move around as much as I can. Unfortunately, I'm usually getting up to go get a snack. ha ha

  4. I would love a QUILT (knee/lap size for those COLD TAUPO nights) and a SMALL BAG and a LARGE BAG when you get around to stockpiling and selling THEM I "BAGS" first pick OK there I said it!!!! We have been blobbing and reading and doing cooking(baking) has rained on and off all day so no venturing outside YET!

  5. Love the bag and your mum is going to love it too....hope you find the PERFECT button !!

  6. You are so damn talented! I wish I had a fraction of your creativity Love teh bag by the way :)

  7. The bag is beautiful. Great job and the colors are perfect together.

  8. Your mum will soooo... love that bag. It is BRILLIANT. Well done and please post a pic when 'the button' is on.
    The little bag looks great with the handle on it. You're on a bag roll now-what great presents.

  9. Oh i like the bags. Do you think you will sell any?

  10. Hi Chris
    I have followed your blog for quite a while, and am loving the craft aspect. I hope you don't mind, but I have added you to a list of blogs I read on my own blog. Please let me know if this is ok with you. Keep up the fantastic creative work.

  11. Anonymous7:55 PM

    Ihave been ready your blog for awhile now and love it may i ask you how long roughly does it take to make a bag they are awesome

  12. What about buttock squeezes while you work, after all you're female, you're great at multi-tasking ;-)

  13. wow gorgeous bags. It is so nice when you find something you totally enjoy doing, and you are so good at the sewing, you could make a fortune selling them. They are lovely the bags. XCathy

  14. The bag is just beautiful!
    Love the pinks!

  15. I LURVE the pink bag!!


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